Preventative Behavior Training

This is a training delivered to ensure that the person obtains new information related to his/her daily life, to prevent him/her from becoming an easy target, and to provide him/her with the knowledge and skills that will allow him/her to respond effectively in case of an unavoidable situation.

The preventative behavior seminars can be customized for both local personnel and the foreign personnel called “Expats”. Training subjects:



  • Principles of security
  • Risk
  • Acting and deciding under pressure

Preventative behavior

  • At home / at a hotel
  • When walking on the street
  • When driving
  • Travel by taxi

Preventative behavior for travelers

  • Preparation before travel
  • Collecting information – Places to avoid
  • Hotel
  • Public transportation in risky areas

Responding to emergencies

  • Suicide attack
  • Armed attack
  • Bomb attack

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