Risk Analysis and Vehicle Check Trainings

ICTS provides Risk Analysis and Vehicle Check Trainings for its customers who are in the process of obtaining an Authorized Responsible Vendor Status.

ICTS reviews the current situation of its customers in this process, and prepares an assessment report within the frame of the Authorized Responsible Vendor Status criteria. In this process, ICTS performs a current status analysis based on its own specific security concepts, examines to see if the customer is suited for the Authorized Responsible Vendor Status, and prepares the required revisions and development proposals.

Another service provided by ICTS for its customers in the YYS Status is the Vehicle Search and Check Trainings. This training program includes the followings:

  • Purpose
  • Legal Ground
  • Personal Safety Rules
  • General Rules of Practice in High Risk Areas
  • Suspicious Signs from the Vehicle Driver
  • Suspicious Signs that May Be Seen During Vehicle Checks
  • Risky Points in Cars, Pick-Up Trucks, Semi-Trucks, and Box Trucks
  • Suspicious Signs on Vehicles
  • Terrorism in Turkey

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