Security Analysis

Security Analysis

The system analysis constitutes the first of the Securitas Risk Management and Consultancy processes.

Data Analysis

In the first stage of the project process, information is gathered on the project itself and on subjects such as its environmental factors, investor profile, and user profile. This collected data is evaluated in the Analysis of Risks in the next stage.


Risk Analysis

The risk analysis is the basis of the system to be designed, because all factors that affect the system design such as selection of correct equipment, equipment placement, even the revision suggestions in architectural design, are based on the data obtained during the Risk Analysis.


Concept Design and Customer’s Approval

In the light of the collected data and completed risk analysis, the security concept of the project is determined. Basically, the security concept includes the basic principles and assumptions of the security system. In this context, the plans and predictions regarding matters such as vehicle traffic, pedestrian traffic, entrance checks, peripheral checks, necessary electronic and physical systems, security human resources, and the procedures to be required, are assessed.

The designed security concept is presented to the customer before it is transferred into the project design, and the system design is started following the customer’s approval.



The agreement reached with the customer on the concept is also considered as the first step of the design process. Following the agreement, the Security Project Drawings, Equipment Lists, Bill of Quantities, and Technical Specifications for Security are prepared, and delivered to the customer as a tender kit.

Concentrating on High Risks

Low Risks

Security Circles

Dynamic and Pro-Active Security System

Utilization of Deterrence Element

Being Alert and Conscious

Integration of Security Activities with Daily Activities

Cost & Benefit Equilibrium

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