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Securitas Risk Yönetimi ve Danışmanlık Güvenlik Hizmetleri A.Ş.

Securitas Risk Management and Consultancy (International Consultants on Targeted Security) was founded in 1982 by an elite group including businessmen and professional security specialists. Securitas Risk Management and Consultancy carries out its activities in electronic security project design, consulting services and general security fields, especially recognized and grown in the aviation industry thanks to its successes and has achieved an international status.

Securitas Risk Management and Consultancy puts optimum security formulas into practice for high quality solutions so that you use the technology and manpower in the most correct way. Securitas Risk Management and Consultancy aims at perfecting the scenarios built in the stages of detection, prevention and response. It makes the integration of its security system divided into 5 basic elements, compatible with the activity areas of the business.

Our basic goal is to help you and your organizations in the fight against the increasing and varying risks that pose a threat to your security such as terrorism, theft, property damages, white-collar crimes, abuse of information, and misuse of financial information.

“Human life, product quality, work inputs and business information have become more valuable than ever. By combining the principles of cost and benefit, the security engineering determines the value of businesses, and creates a safe environment.”
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Securitas Risk Yönetimi ve Danışmanlık Activities

Remote Inspection

The inspection service identifies any unfavorable events via live camera images and audio records.

Security Engineering

The most efficient, technical system, where the human factor will be employed, is designed, keeping in mind the equilibrium of cost & benefit.

Training Services

The security trainings are delivered within a broad range including the Authorized Responsible Vendor Status (YSS) trainings.

It performs risk analyses and identification for top level executives, families or institutions and companies. It offers security services.

Continuous Security

The security scenarios are made sustainable and measurable through procedures, simulations, drills and checks.

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