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Sustainable Deterrence

It allows reducing the possibility of risk through various scenarios, drills and inspections.

Technological Approach

The advanced technology, which makes the system predictable and proactive, perfects the created scenarios.

Continuous Quality Control

Different quality control tools are combined for personnel development and made always available to ensure continuity.

Experience Since 1982

Securitas Risk Yönetimi ve Danışmanlık, which combines its international power with its local knowledge, responds to many increasing risks that affect the security of the businesses with advanced scenarios and segment solutions.

Engineering Services

Be sustainable through analyses and continuous trainings, strengthening the security services of your company with system designs.

VIP Security

Protect your executives with private protection services. Provide security during travels, business trips or meetings.

Quality Control Services

Benefit from the scenarios created for both the security and other departments. Strengthen your company through different trainings.

Take a look at our unique solutions developed for both business development and financial&administrative affairs. Pick the most suitable solution for your business.

Securitas Risk Management
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Take a look at our works that shape the Security Industry.

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How Can I Identify the Needs of My Industry?

The ideal integration where the 5 Basic Elements are united aims at creating the optimum security system. Please visit the sustainability section for detailed information.

The electronic security design and consulting according to the prioritized risk analysis are throughly examined. The process proceeds with the risk analysis and adaptation operations.

After the production of first concept drawings, the implementation process is started. Required trainings are planned.

After the production of first concept drawings, the implementation process is started. Required trainings are planned.

Create Integrated Solutions By Combining Knowledge, Human and Technology

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“We work for minimizing the risks of our customers against human life, property, business goals, knowledge and image, for eliminating these risks in an integrated manner and according to the cost-benefit principles, and for increasing the value of our customers”

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