5 Basic Elements

5 Basic Elements

Securitas Risk Management and Consultancy handles its technological solutions within the frame of 5 Basic Elements.

1- Data Analysis

As a continuous and repetitive activity, collection of not only present data but also retrospective data regarding the Project itself and its industry, and compilation and analysis of prospective predictions will simplify the identification of momentary changes in the risks. For this reason, the data analysis is a vital and basic function of not only the system design, but also the business process.


2 – Personnel

Despite all technological advancements and innovations, security is still an activity dependent upon people. Therefore, the existence and sustainability of the system are only possible by selecting the correct number of employees with the correct qualifications for the correct stations, identifying the stations correctly, improving the personnel competencies through regular training activities, and taking the business ergonomics into account. In the systems with a high turnover rate where the ergonomics and industrial relationships are neglected, not only the sustainability but also the efficiency and deterrence are removed.


3- Technical Equipment

The most appropriate security equipment (type, quantity, positioning) to be used must be determined by taking the benefit & cost principles into consideration. The best equipment is not always the high-cost equipment. For the procurement of the best equipment, first the needs must be determined and the equipment must be purchased according to the needs and must also be capable of addressing the revision requirements.


4- Procedures

The relevant routine and emergency security procedures set relating to the functioning of the security guards and the security system must be written. The procedures must be applicable not only in theory but at the same time in practice and must be written in a clear and comprehensible language and must leave minimum number of situations for the initiative of the security personnel.


5- Control, Inspection and Exercise

An inspection system must be created to test the alertness and the wakefulness of the System. It must be remembered that however effective and dissuasive installation that might be in the beginning, an uninspected system has very little chance to protect itself from the mauling effect of the time.

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